Introduction to POS Peripherals...

POS Peripherals available include a Customer Display Module, Customer Information Monitor and Cash Drawers.

Customer Display units are employed at the point of sale to provide information for the customer. Typically this would be product information and price recorded as the cashier scans the items, then the total price, cash tendered, change due, etc. Customer displays used for this function are often two line bright LCD or vacuum fluorescent (VFD) alpha numeric units but they are increasingly being used as information screens to provide marketing functions such as special deals, events, offers, etc. In this case a larger, TFT-LCD POS monitor might be used instead to provide longer messages with graphics and full colour.

Cash Drawers are available with front opening or flip top configuration. They are lockable and secure, with 4 note and 8 coin compartments. There ia a choice of black or light grey colours and a range of interface options are available.

POS Peripherals...

Customer Displays

PM-116 POS Monitor
  • 2 line by 20 character VFD display or full colour monitor with touchscreen option
  • Easy to install
  • Compatible with a range of host POS systems
  • Adjustable height/viewing angle
  • Customer Display Products Specification

Cash Drawers

5E-415 cash drawer
  • Choice of Front Opening or Flip Top Cash Drawer
  • All Steel construction
  • Lockable, secure & durable
  • 4 banknote compartments
  • 8 coin compartments
  • Cash Drawers Product Specification